Penhazy Parlour  - Dog Grooming - Text or call to book in 07768 194367

 As a complimentary service we have a fully equipped Grooming Parlour.

A typical grooming session includes:

An initial health check of body condition, coat condition & temperament.  A bath & dry followed by either a Clip, Strip, De-shed or De mat to suit your breed.  We then trim nails and clean & pluck ears.  We clean around eyes - and can even offer a Blueberry Eye Spa!


All our sessions are on a 'one to one' basis. Dogs are not queued up nor do we use crates at any time. Dogs are given comfort breaks and can relax in one of our paddocks to help with what for some can be a stressful experience.  We don't use scary cabinet hair driers either!


Here is Katie our groomer at work!

We can usu​ally accept appointments at short notice. Our rates are very competitive but vary from breed to breed. 


For Grooming enquiries or bookings please call or text 07774 519694 or 07768 194367 during normal working hours.


Have Five Grooming Sessions marked on your card and get the Sixth 50% Off. 

Local Pick Up & Drop Off  Available

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