Visit PENHAZY PARLOUR our on site grooming room
        Visit PENHAZY PARLOUR our                                                         on site grooming room                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Luxury Dog Boarding

We Offer ;-

Long Stay or Day Care /Crèche

 Dog Grooming  at Penhazy Parlour

   Beautiful Countryside Surroundings

                                                                                                  Plenty of Love & Cuddles

Outdoor Fun & Play

    Quiet  Areas for Nap  Times
All Dietary & Medical Needs
Can Be Catered For


About Us

The founder & owner of Penhazy Dog Retreat, Sally Penn is a true dog lover, as well as breeding her own family of beautiful weimaraners she has many years of home boarding, day care & dog walking experience.

Sally wanted to create a safe, fun and loving environment as an alternative to traditional kennels.

Somewhere your dog would have as good a holiday as you.



You can rest assured your pet is in safe hands at Penhazy Dog Retreat. Every dog is treated with the same respect, love and attention as we give our own.

When you need to travel, leave town or simply want your dog to be in good company while you are at work you can leave your best friend with us.





Traditional Kennels may leave your dog stressed or anxious in solitary confinement with only a short walk for daily stimulation. With 3 acres of countryside on our doorstep your dog will be free to play their day away in one of our paddocks


All dogs are different and we tailor our dog care services to meet your pets specfic requirements and requests.

Doggy Day Care 

 Our Doggy day care is supervised interactional play.

Your dog can be picked up and returned to your home by one of our trained staff in our specially equipped vehicles.

A weekly visit to day care can be a great way to socialise a new puppy with the opportunity to meet new friends in all shapes and sizes.

Day Care Hours are Monday to  Friday 9.00 a.m. until  6:00 p.m.

If required we will feed your dog their dinner before they are collected.

State of the Art Facilties

We pride ourselves in giving your dogs the space they need to run and play as well as quiet time to sleep and relax. Its hard work playing all day and when evening comes they will feel safe and comfy in their individual room.



Our glass fronted sleeping areas allow interaction between the dogs so they will never feel alone.

Rest Times

For those much needed rest times in winter we use our warm underfloor heated kennels with dog beds. In Summer they are air-conditioned to keep your dog cool. Outside we have gazebos for shade so your dog can have a snooze when tired or race around to their hearts content. 

KENNEL COUGH  Your dog must have its kennel cough vaccine a minium 2 weeks before its stay with us. It is a "live" vaccine and may cause infection to others.  If you leave it too late then we may not be able to accept them or your dog may have to go into isolation during its stay.  If in doubt please phone us to discuss.

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