We are now open for grooming, day care & boarding. Visitors by appointment only please due to Covid19 restrictions. #staysafe
We are now open for grooming, day care & boarding. Visitors by appointment only please due to Covid19 restrictions. #staysafe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Changes due to COVID19 restrictions to ensure our mutual safety.

1. Drop off / Pickup times must be agreed in advance to ensure only one member of the public is on Penhazy premises.

2. We can accept one item of bedding only at this time. Plus your dog  - sorry !

3. Kennel visits are possible by appointment only subject to Covid19 guidelines.

Doggy Day Care

Our Doggy Day Care is supervised interactional play. Its there for dog owners who have a busy lifestyle and do not want their dog to remain home alone. Doggy Day Care works in much the same way as a childminder or nursery. We can either pick up or you can bring your dog to us and we will look after them for the day while you are at work or away from home. 
Day care is an interactive environment with dogs running and playing together. Dogs are grouped separately according to size and temperament in one of our large paddocks. Our trained Supervisors interact and observe the play in case anyone gets distressed or too boisterous.

Your dog will spend their day playing, exploring and resting with their friends. Interactive play satisfies a dog’s absolute requirement for exercise and social interaction. When you pick your dog up on the way home from work they will be tired, but happy!

The atmosphere is fun, safe and social. It is suitable for big, small, young and old.


We mostly accept friendly, social dogs that stay with us regularly. These dogs are familiar to us and we know them individually. For dogs that dont socialise well we have the capacity to provide them a fun experience without feeling threatended in their own space within one of our 16 exercise areas.

Day Care Hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m to 6.00 pm.


If required we can feed your dog their dinner before they are collected.

Local Pick Up Service - Currently unavailable - Sorry !

We offer a free local pick up service. We can collect your dog in the morning, give them an action-packed day and then drop them home happy and tired in the afternoon where they will sleep until you return. We can keep a set of keys so you do not need to be home during this time. This service is available within a 10 mile radius please call us for details.

Don't leave your best friend at home alone all day. Bring them to Penhazy - Your dog will come home exercised, tired and most importantly, happy.






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